Grow Your Business with SuiteStation NetSuite ERP Magento Connector

As a cloud-based ERP software solution gradually captures the mid-market, the NetSuite ERP provides clients with real-time data processing, visibility, and reporting enabling better insightful, faster decision-making, and expediting the order-to-cash process. The Business organizations that uses NetSuite ERP along with the scalability and flexibility of Magento as their eCommerce integration platform are well positioned to dominate the market.

SuiteStation uses its NetSuite Connector for Magento to enabling clients to connect or integrate Magento and NetSuite ERP at the back-end without requiring any additional middle-ware.

Our solution resides on a company’s web servers provided as an extension to its Magento storefronts. Listed below are few highlights of SuiteStation Magento integration:

1. Product data is managed efficiently in NetSuite to update in Magento
2. Customer and order data flows or processed from Magento to NetSuite
3. The Shipments in NetSuite are passed back to Magento
4. The customers never have to wait for data to be accepted in NetSuite because of the Magento side queuing system
5. Possess full control over customizing the connector as the business evolves because the open source code is given to the in-house developers

Online merchants across a broad range of industries are reaping the benefits of SuiteStation integrating NetSuite with Magento to grow their business.

Netsuite Magento Integration


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