Cost To Integrate NetSuite With Magento

Collaborate the SuiteStation Magento eCommerce platform with the back-office potential features of NetSuite. Such NetSuite-Magento integration enhances business capabilities, supporting business expansion. The SuiteStation NetSuite-Magento integration provides the most robust cloud-based solution at the affordable pricing.

Magento-NetSuite integration is available for both Enterprise and Community editions of Magento. Pricing schemes of the annual subscription are highly competitive. NetSuite account is needed to work with this extension.

With the SuiteStation Magento Connector, retailers can integrate the powerful Magento eCommerce platform with the NetSuite ERP. As the integration is completely automated and able to provide information near real-time, you can objectively focus on increasing sales and manage the resulting orders, synchronizing your Magento web store and NetSuite account.

SuiteStation NetSuite ERP customization is a key to cater agile business needs at moderately economical pricing schemes because as a cloud-based solution, the customer can maintain it with a limited staff requiring no dedicated IT infrastructure.

SuiteStation NetSuite connecting to Magento eCommerce provide a robust solutions, a full-featured dashboard with performance indicators, to monitor and track the key performances, easy secure accessibility from anywhere, mobile capabilities, near real-time reporting capabilities and highly customizable to address the business needs.

The integration of Magento eCommerce platform and NetSuite is the best value solution, executing multi-currency, multi-company capabilities. SuiteStation NetSuite integration possesses a standard power to integrate and extend business-specific NetSuite capabilities with Magento eCommerce platform.

Learn more about SuiteStation’s Magento-NetSuite Connector.


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