Unifying Business CRM and NetSuite ERP for Automating Manufacturing Businesses

In today’s scenario, the manufacturing business can sustain and retain the business continuity only if it  gets evolved along with the latest technology.

IT is booming globally connecting the world, it is gradually becoming the imperative platform for  manufacturing domain too. Hence, the growth and expansion of any manufacturing industry have to route through the integration of the ERP and CRM on the cloud to extract and optimize the business outcomes.

Manufacturing organization need to integrate with respective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, that is able to collaborate and allows business to oversee finance, stock, and receivables, converging with business Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

It should also be able to oversee stakeholders relationships and seek NetSuite customer service providing immense ROI from both the applications.

Actually, there are several factors, why manufacturing organizations choose to combine their CRM and ERP solutions. It mobilizes the manufacturing business in real time keeping transactions transparent independent of place, time, and device.

With our mobile friendly SuiteStation connectors, manufacturers are able to explore sales transactions and able to experience instant monitoring of profits from the ‘order to cash’ process.

Specifically, our cost saving SuiteStation NetSuite connectors minimizes the errors while making the entry of the orders, and execution of  authenticated work-flows. The discounts and other business provisions are automated, hence leading to fast execution, trapping the potential market with not much of manual entries, making the whole system error-free. The updated integrated information is centralized and available for the authorized users with ease, in both the ERP and the CRM.

There are various advertising advantages associated with incorporation of CRM and ERP, for instance, the smart intuitive understanding of the client behavioral/pattern (client base). The NetSuite ERP software stores clients’ budgetary association with the organization. The CRM solutions save and track customer’s purchase patterns and advertising demography. Uniting together these two sources of client information  help businesses to ensure that their sales, advertising, and administration expenditures are focusing on their most profitable clients and prospects at global level.

In today’s competitive trade for manufacturers, instant real-time and on-demand data availability is  needed. SuiteStation NetSuite is the leading ERP and CRM product & services specialists for the mid-sized manufacturing commercial enterprises.

There exists mainly four prime areas that every manufacturing organization should consider while combining its CRM and ERP frameworks. As per SuiteStation NetSuite expert consultancy, the manufacturing units will be able to address business issues if they are integrated perfectly on to the following vital parameters:

  1. Contact and Account Integration

The NetSuite ERP and CRM systems, both process contacts and are able to record data. And this data is mainly used by the ERP,  focusing on transportation of the addresses and billing, and CRM uses this data from the  prospects of sales and support. Hence synchronize work-flow is required to get the near real-time information. The manufacturing units should subscribe to the integrating service provider like SuiteStation NetSuite integration, who are able to synchronize and connect various market places, creating an integrated customer base ( Customer data) .

  1. Item Integration

The CRM program must provide access to those items that are housed and saved in the ERP, if an accurate appropriated procedure is incorporated and accomplished (for example, permitting sales representatives to access, bills of material with ongoing and on-demand information of the organization).

  1. Quote and Order Management

This is essential in case an organization is set to transform proposal era, that is designed and developed  in CRM into a real request, which is executed and followed at the ERP level. Such difference of the platform from design level to execution level has to be bridged efficiently via incorporating the proficient integrating services of SuiteStation NetSuite Connectors. 

  1. Product/order/invoice Repository

This is again one of the significant potential capacities of the ERP/CRM integration provided by SuiteStation NetSuite integration solutions. This provides or authenticate respective stakeholders or sales representatives to access the status of the request, and perform or track the changes.

About SuiteStation

At SuiteStation, we provide an enterprise ready, customized, scalable, secure integrated pioneer solutions. Our capable novel strategies enable businesses via reaching out to various market places with our cutting-edge integrated eSolutions. Our dedicated team work seamlessly for deploying and maintaining complicated business-specific integrations. Our core mission is to empower business-fit platform independent applications for collaborating and connecting market places, at the global level.

Learn more about the SuiteStation NetSuite Connectors.


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